Founder / CEO 

Manali Arora is a dreamer and a creator. Where others see the usual, she sees art. Her unique & vibrant perspective towards everything in this world makes her the first Fudakti.
She’s the superwoman behind this brand which is all about the beautiful essence and emotions of womanhood. Much like every superhero has an origin story, hers originated in her childhood. Her love for all things handmade brew when she started to draw and paint. Her cheerful and spirited personality became more magnified every time she found herself creating something new from various things like wood, clothes and colours.
As she grew, so did her love for creating things. Colours gave her a means to express her emotions. Designs represented various thoughts which went in her mind.
She completed her education from NIFT and worked in companies like Orient Craft & Fabindia. Her passion for handmade things made her quit her job. She gained fundamental entrepreneurial insights while trading brass jewelry for a while.
The amalgamation of business acumen she gained and her creative expertise, gave wings to her childhood dream of creating a brand which would be about all things handmade. The sentiment was to not only bring the beautiful human essence of handmade things to the mainstream, but also to make people feel a sense of connect between their personalities and the brand’s offerings, on an emotional level.
Manali’s attention to detail is nothing less than an obsession. With her dream being so close to her heart, she wanted everything ranging from the name to the designs to be simply perfect. Her childhood dream got the name of Fudakti by the beautiful sentiment she believed in – every girl carries an effervescent & joyful Fudakti in her heart. She wanted to celebrate this spirit through her work. The bird in the logo also symbolizes the free-spirited high soaring aura of a Fudakti girl.
Manali passionately believes that every girl would be able to connect to this emotion of Fudakti and that is why this sentiment is the soul of her brand.