Cosmos Multi-Purpose Shell Bag Strap


  • Multipurpose strap suitable for cameras, sling bags, shoulder bags, laptop bags, and more
  • Hand-embroidered for intricate detail
  • Adjustable length for personalized fit
  • Soft Beige velvet backing for comfort
  • Delicately washable for easy maintenance
  • Stylish yet practical accessory
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Introducing the ultimate accessory for modern versatility and timeless elegance: the Multi-Purpose Belt. Crafted with precision from sumptuous nude shade velvet fabric, this belt transcends functionality to embody sophistication. Designed to effortlessly complement any ensemble, it seamlessly transitions from a chic sling bag strap to a secure camera harness or a stylish laptop bag accessory. Adorned with delicate shells and intricate embroidery, each detail whispers of coastal charm and artisanal craftsmanship. Embrace effortless style and practicality with this exquisite accessory, a fusion of form and function that elevates every moment.


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